Scleral Lenses Guide

Insertion & Removal Video

Always wash your hands before handing your contact lenses!

  1. Equipment needed for care of scleral lenses

    1. Disinfectant solution is used to clean, store, and disinfect your scleral lenses daily

      1. Recommended brands: Tangible Clean multi-purpose solution, Unique pH multi-purpose solution, Clear Care solution, Boston Simplus

    2. Non-preserved saline for insertion of scleral lenses

      1. Recommended brands: Nutrifill, LacriPure, Addipak, Purilens, ScleraFil, Sodium chloride inhalation solution

    3. 1 scleral DMV inserter (large suction cup)

    4. 1 small DMV remover (small suction cup)

  2. Cleaning instructions

    1. Place 2-4 drops of the disinfectant solution on your lenses and gently rub for 30 seconds in the palm of your hand

    2. Thoroughly rinse your lenses with solution

    3. Place each lens in the correct side of the lens storage case and fill the chamber with the disinfectant solution

      1. Make sure the solution completely covers the lenses

    4. Store the lenses for at least 4 hours for Unique pH and 6 hours of Clearcare or Boston Simplus solution

  3. Insertion instructions

    1. Remove scleral lenses from storage case

    2. Rinse with non-preserved saline

    3. Place lens on large scleral DMV

    4. Completely fill your scleral lens with non-preserved saline until a convex meniscus is achieved (almost overflowing)

      1. If the lenses aren’t completely filled up, bubbles could form

    5. Tilt your head towards your chin until you are looking directly down

    6. Bring lens up to eye quickly, taking care not to spill saline

    7. If any bubbles are observed, remove lens and repeat insertion procedure

  4. Removal instructions

    1. Place a few drops of the contact lens rewetting solution on the small DMV remover

    2. Position the small DMV on the lower portion of the lens (6 oclock area)

    3. Gently lift the lens away from the eye with the small DMV attached to the lens

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