Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Care Guide

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Care Guide

RGP Guide

RGP lens insertion

  • With your right lens on your right index finger, look to make sure your GP lens is clean and free of defects.

  • Place several drops of wetting solution into the bowl of the lens. Never use tap water or saliva!

  • Use both hands to hold your upper and lower eyelids. Keep both eyes open, look straight ahead.

  • Gently place the lens onto the center of the colored part of your eye, then release eyelids.

RGP lens centering

If your lens moves off-center and needs to be re-aligned on your eye:

  • Locate your contact lens by looking in the mirror, or feel for the outline of the lens through your closed eyelid.

  • Look in the opposite direction. (For example, if the lens is under your upper eyelid, look down.)

  • Use your fingertips to place the edge of your eyelid next to the edge of the lens, and nudge it back into position as your shift your gaze towards the lens.

RGP lens removal

There are two common methods for lens removal.

  1. Method one: Gently blink the GP lens out of your eye.

    1. Place your middle finger in the outer corner of your eyelid.

    2. Look straight ahead. Gently but firmly pull straight back, pulling the edges of your eyelid tightly against your eye.

    3. Blink hard and your lens will pop out. Catch the lens in your left hand, or let it fall onto a flat surface covered with a clean towel.

  2. Method Two: Gently remove the GP lens from your eye.

    1. Place your right middle finger tight against your right upper eyelid, pinning back the lashes.

    2. Place your right middle finger tight against your right upper eyelid, pinning back the lashes.

    3. Place your left middle and index finger tight against your bottom eyelid, pinning it against the eye. Next, you have two options

    4. Pull your eyelids away from your nose, keeping your eyelids against your eye, or

    5. Push eyelids toward each other, keeping the eyelids against the eye

Both options will easily pop the lens out

Special instructions

The type of soap used to wash your hands is very important. Always dry your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses. Only use soaps that DO NOT contain:

  • Lotion, cream, or perfume

  • Deodorant

  • Artificial coloring

When drying your hands, always use a clean, lint free towel. Your Eye Care Professional can advise you which soaps are best to use.

Avoid lens mix-ups. Always start with the same contact lens when you apply, remove, and clean your lenses.

Read carefully. Every care system has its own care regimen. Carefully follow the directions provided by your Eye Care Professional to avoid problems.

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