Corneal Ulcers

corneal ulcers

Corneal Ulcers are sores locating on the cornea, the clear dome sitting over the iris.

Causes: Most ulcers are infections from bacteria, virus, or fungus. Patients who wear Soft Contact lenses are at a higher risk for infections, especially with extended wear contacts.

Symptoms: Pain, red eye, swollen eye, blurry vision, discharge or pus.

Treatment: For best results, it is best to seek treatment as soon as symptoms occur. The longer you wait, the bigger the ulceration could get. This means the increased risk of scarring, which could potentially affect your vision permanently. In most cases, eye drops are used to treat the infection and oral medication for pain management. In severe cases, hospitalization is needed in an aggressive infection, especially if the corneal is perforated.

Prognosis: Good when treated promptly.
Prevention: If you wear contact lenses, do not sleep in your contacts, never reuse your solutions or tap water, and clean hands before touching your eye

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