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Allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of the tissue lining the eyelids (conjunctiva) due to a reaction from allergy-causing substances such as pollen
Prognosis: Treatment usually relieves the symptoms. However, the condition tends to recur if exposure to the offending agent continues.

  • The best treatment is avoiding exposure to the cause or allergen. Unfortunately, this is not often practical.

  • Discomfort can be relieved by applying cool compresses to the eyes or taking antihistamines by mouth (many of these are available over the counter).

  • Topical eye drops could be used for mild-severe allergies.

Symptoms may be seasonal and can include:

  • Red eyes

  • Dilated vessels in the clear tissue covering the white of the eye

  • Intense itching or burning eyes

  • Puffy eyelids, especially in the morning

  • Tearing (watery eyes)

  • Stringy eye discharge

Complications: There are no serious complications; persistent discomfort is common.

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