Eye health exam

Eye exam 4
Preliminary testing by our wonderful staff
Eye exam 5
​Phoropter to determine your glasses prescription
Eye exam 6
Slit lamp examination to check the health of your eyes

A few major components to a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Several preliminary procedures including glaucoma screening test to check your eye pressures.

  • Refraction test to determine what your prescriptions will be.

  • Contact lens evaluation if desired.

  • Slit lamp examination to check the health on the front and back part of your eye. For example: a diabetic patient is recommended to have a dilated exam annually.

  • Common Eye Conditions >>

Pediatric exam (5 yearsold and older)

  • We have children friendly equipments to help aid the doctor to examine your child's eyes, even if he/she does not know numbers and letters.

  • Remember that appropriate vision testing at an early age is vital to insure your child has the visual skills he or she needs to perform well in school.

  • A child who is unable to see print or view a blackboard can become easily frustrated, leading to poor academic performance. Some vision problems, such as lazy eye, are best treated if they are detected and corrected as early as possible while the child’s vision system is still developing, preventing Amblyopia.

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